Woman rings 999 for ‘ride home’ in ambulance because her feet hurt after shopping

A woman has rang 999 to ask for a lift home in an ambulance because a shopping trip had left her with sore feet in Stratford


999: Ambulance Service, is the patient breathing?

Caller: Yes, it’s me, I’m fine.

999: Ok my love and what’s the reason for your call, please?

Caller: Erm, sorry about this but I’ve been on my feet all day and now my feet are hurting me so much that I can’t walk. They’re burning.

999: Ok, all right my love and what’s the address of the emergency?

Caller: Ok, I’m [location blanked out].

999: Ok, thank you, and that’s in Stratford-upon-Avon, yeah?

Caller: Yes.

999: How old are you, please?

Caller: 32.

999: Ok, I need to ask you some questions, it’s not delaying any help at all. It’s just to make sure you get the right help to you there, OK?

Caller: Yes.

999: All right, OK, have you been bleeding red blood?

Caller: No.

999: From anywhere in the last 30 minutes?

Caller: No.

999: Ok, so your feet are quite sore and burning?

Caller: They’re burning yes. I tried to either tighten them or loosen them and it’s not changing.

999: What? Your shoes?

Caller: Yes. I’ve just got two miles to walk home and I’m not going to make it in this condition.

999: Right, you realise we won’t be able to take you home?

Caller: What will you do then?

999: Well you called 999 for a life-saving ambulance so we’ll take you to the nearest emergency department.

Caller: I phoned the police and they told me to ring 999.

999: That’s understandable because it wouldn’t be a police matter but when you call 999 for a life-saving ambulance usually that will if it’s required an…

Caller: Well if it’s an emergency, if I can’t leave this location it’s an emergency.

999: And as I’m explaining to you if there is a medical reason why you can’t walk then we will be taking you to the nearest available emergency department.

Caller: And then from there how am I going to get home?

999: That’s not anything to do with the ambulance service unfortunately.

Caller: Right so I can either walk two miles home in pain or walk 13 miles home from Warwick, right?

999: Right, well as I’ve said to you OK if there is a medical reason that this is happening to you we need to investigate it.

Caller: Ok, well when I’m at home and I’m in grave pain I’ll phone you back, thank you.

999: Listen, listen, hello stay on the line. I’m going through some questions with you to update the details and make sure we get you the right help.

Caller: I don’t see what the point is if you’re going to take me 13 miles home.

999: We’re not going to take you home, you’ve called for an ambulance.

Caller: I don’t think that’s good enough so I’m going to end the call now, thank you.

999: Stay on the line for me. Hello? Hello?