17-year-old Kimberly Walt was walking home with her friends in North Carolina when a car approached her and asked if she wanted a ride. The driver, Robert Williams – who is a three-time convicted felon – approached the group of girls attempting to lure them in. Walt reportedly denied the ride and continued onwards.

While turning the corner, Williams then grabbed Walt and threw her into his car. He then drove to his home where he sexually assaulted her for hours on end. After brutally raping this young girl, Walt said he “passed out,” from alcohol consumption. After he blacked out, Walt was able to free herself of the rope and instead of running from her rapist’s home – she decided to take sweet, sweet revenge.

She proceeded to grab a knife and castrate Williams – cutting off his balls entirely. Walt told cops that he woke up “screaming and yelling,” as she put his balls in the microwave. In a statement to police, she said:

“I threw that bastards junk in the microwave, grab the plate, fork and a steak knife and cut it up like hot dogs. I grabbed a gun that he had left on the kitchen counter, walked over to him, and forced him to eat it. I have no remorse and I am not sorry. That bastard deserved it and he’s going to hell.”

Shockingly, Williams ate his own balls in “fear he would die,” if he didn’t. After authorities were called, Williams was taken to a hospital where he was treated and then taken to Fayetteville County Jail. Walt will not be charged.
People in the town that Walt is from are calling her a “hero.” One woman who lives in the area said:
 “Now we don’t have to worry about that pervert doing this to anyone else. If we castrated every child molester, we would never have this problem.”