Story of Noah alayhisalam and his son

[41] So he (Nuh) said (to his followers), ‘Embark therein. In Allah’s name is its sailing and its anchoring. Verily, my Lord is Very Forgiving, Very Kind.’ [42] It was sailing with them amidst mountain-like waves.51 And Nuh called out to his son – who was in another place – ‘My son. Embark with us and be not among the infidels.’

[43] He replied, ‘I shall take refuge on a mountain. That will save me from the water.’ Said (Nuh), ‘There is no savior this day from Allah’s decree, except for him whom He shows mercy.’ And a wave came in between the two and (lo, the next moment) he was of the drowned. [44] It was said, ‘O earth, swallow your water, and O heavens withhold.’52 So the water abated, the affair ended, and it berthed on Judiyy.53 And it was said, ‘Away with a wrongdoing people.’