Shopkeeper threatened with court over Singhsbury’s store name changes it to Morrisinghs


Jel Singh Nagra a shopkeeper, was threatened with legal action ,He was told he would be facing court action by Sainsbury’s if he does not change his store name, Sainsbury’s claim was  “the shop’s name was too similar to its own branding.

So he had no choice but to change the name,this time he changed the name to morrisinghs.

“When the first sign went down, the customers kept asking what happened.

“While I was away on my honeymoon in September 2012, I got a letter saying that Sainsbury’s was threatening to take me to court.

“In the letter they stated how much this would cost.

“My family saw the letter and took the sign down while I was away because they were so worried.

“My customers kept saying I should come up with a similar name, so I had to think of something”.

“There is a dead end at the bottom of the street, so we don’t get a lot of passing trade.

“But I do feel that the new sign(shop name) is bringing more business in”.

He added: “If I get asked to take this one down I will fight for it.”

Shop keeper said : “It is just a laugh and we hope it will put West Allotment on the map.

“When we posted the picture of the new name on our Facebook page, we had more than 10,000 views in less than 24 hours, which was just mad.

“I have seen people of all ages walking past giggling to themselves.

“People have driven past and pulled over so that they can take a photograph.

“It’s all a bit of fun and the customers love it.

“It is just a laugh, the aim is to get people talking and that’s worked.”