Riasat Khan jailed for murdering restaurant owner Kazi Ahmad in 1978


Riasat Khan who is currently 63 years old has been jailed for life for murdering Kazi ahmad using a knife,stabbing him in the neck and chest around 40 years ago.

The incident occurred in 1978 ,Riasat khan then left UK to go to pakistan,he returned back from there in the 1980’s

The murderer was arrested on a warrant as he tried to board a flight at Birmingham airport in May last year.

Lord Beckett ordered him to serve at least 16 years as he sentenced him at the High Court in Glasgow.

The judge said: “Justice has been delayed but justice has not been denied.

“The excellent work done by police officers, forensic scientists and pathologists in 1978 stood the test of time leading to your conviction for murder in 2017.

“Had you been arrested in 1978 you would no doubt have been convicted of murder with the sentence of life imprisonment and may well have been released by now.

Lord Beckett said: “You inflicted wounds he could not have survived, however rather than seeking medical assistance for him your own evidence was that you tied him up and left the scene. I infer that you locked the door to his room as you departed.

“You took his money, gambled away £900 and fled abroad.

“As a result of your vicious assault Mr Ahmad lost his life at the age of 41 and his family whom he was supporting lost him forever. You on the other hand remained at liberty for more than 37 years before you were arrested.

Mr Allan added: “He understands he will have this life sentence and he understands that in view of his age and health there is a significant risk he will die in prison.”

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