New cctv footage :Arla hair and beauty salon incident: The truth-What really happened


Nahid a muslim iranian women in her 30’s and her business Aria hair and beauty salon has been targeted by @ashmaani farouq Ashmaani Djs Events & Entertainment and her gang on the 30.6.17 huma a muslim 27 year old women had several injuries on her face neck and chest and has been left with physical and mental scars by that YASMEEN AKHTAR!.

This women should of acted like a mother/aunty not like A FOULMOUTHED FIESTY WOMEN bear that in mind she is a TEACHER.. in THIS SETUP the women were WEARING SCARFS however on NORMAL DAY TO DAY BASIS THEY DO NOT WEAR IT! they tried to create that image trying to be MUSLIM HIJABI WOMEN BUT THEY AREN’T! fools will be fooled and the lost sheep will follow them but ALLAH swt is above all no one can fool god.. the INNOCENT get their JUSTICE sooner or later no lies will be hidden forever.

ASHMAANI (ASMA FAROUQ) sent these vile women and this is not the first time she has tried to ruin NAHID’S BUSINESS she and her crew sent a REAL SNAKE to her salon in a cake box 2 years ago hand delievered by a man..and now she SET THIS ATTACK UP. Unfortunately in this attack huma was injured and aalia was accused of hitting yasmeen when she never nahid was accused of beating her up to when she never all she did was try to break up the fight and help a friend!!.

We have evidence of huma’s injuries, we are grateful that this case has gone in our favour in court. People want to know why it took so long for the SALON CCTV TO COME OUT we wanted the law to deal with this incident and as promised once the case clears we will SHOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

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