Muslim woman racially abused by 2 racist girls

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Day 3 out of the EU, police report number 2.

I even gave them a filter to improve their lives a little.

These two racist girls. I walk onto the platform at Chiswick (of all places ) with my headphones in minding my own business and sit down on the available benches. These two are face timing two guys, and start aiming the camera at me whilst talking to them. They start shouting things like ‘hey Paki… Burka girl… Curry etc’ through FaceTime at me.

Meanwhile both the girls are cracking up and smirking, the black girl even says “she can’t even f*ckin’ hear us, she’s got her headphones in hahaha” I continue to go about my day pretending like I can’t hear the racial slurs for a further 15 minutes until she cuts the phone call.

Once she hangs up I politely addressed the girls and said “excuse me, do you think what the guy was yelling at me is acceptable” they both said “what the f*ck” to which I replied “I heard the whole conversation”.

The girl on the right then says “yeah it’s fine, what he said is fine”. I told her that she was racist. She then says to me “have you seen me? How the f*ck can I be racist”. I asked her if her and I were from the same race to which she replied “f*ck off you’re doing my head in now shut the f up”.

The other girl then pipes up and the first thing she says to me is “nah Bruv I’m going to come over there and rip that burka off your head in a minute if you don’t shut the f*ck up”

I told her that they could speak to the police about their behaviour. More abuse and threats came my way, to rip my “scarf off” from the girl on the left. The other one wanted to “knock me out”… I got the message after she repeated it several times.

I put my headphones in and proceeded to ignore them, the platform was dotted with customers and not one tried to defend me.

They then called the boyfriend back up, (which by the way sounds much older than these two). The girls tell them that I said he called me a “Paki” (which he did) and the boyfriend says: “she is a Paki tho” and they all start laughing. Then she begins shoving the iPhone in my direction to “pipe up and talk to him”. I continued to ignore them and their racist slurs…

Another one of their skank members arrives on the platform and he joins in. 3 against one, how fun. The continue threatening me and calling me racist names.

The train finally arrived after what seems like a life time of abuse. They were annoyed because I took a photo of them and we’re trying to square up to me making stupid attempts / gestures grabbing my scarf before waiting to see what carriage I got onto. I didn’t get on because I thought that If people wouldn’t defend me in an open space who on earth is going to defend me against them all on the train?

Basically I missed the train and in turn the time to break my fast. I was so angry that people stood by and watched this happen.

If you see somebody being verbally abused you have two options: step in OR call help. Watching is not an option.

I am so angry that the referendum has provided a Green light for racism and idiots like these to abuse people who have done nothing to them.