“It’s Month of Ramadan, Will Pray for You”, Woman said to Boy who Retrieved her Bag from Thief in Derby

Hero boy chases thief in Reginald Street, who theft a bag from woman and returned her, Victim Woman thanked him and asked him, how can she repay him and he he said nothing and it was then victim replied Its month of ramadhan n i will pray for you.

The incident which took place today on Reginald Street at approximately 3:20pm opposite the park, one of woman who was in her car with her children eye witnessed the incident. She told:

A Muslim sisters bag was stolen from her car just as she had sat in the car. She had her children with her and was absolutely devastated at this incident.

Eye witness said, she was parked in the middle of the road as it was congested so it literally happened right in front of her eyes. She was so disgusted at the Muslim community to stand there and discuss what had happened rather than offer a helping hand.

The poor lady was crying & screaming that the thief had ran off with her bag. Witness woman just horned continuously to alert people of what had happened.

A man did manage to try & trip over this thief but it didn’t stop him. Luckily another person out of nowhere ran after him and chased him until the thief dropped the bag.

Alhamdulila this humble & kind person returned the stolen bag to the rightful owner and she was so overwhelmed.

Woman who witness all this incident said,” While all this happened, I didn’t realize my 12 year old daughter had managed to report this crime to the police she had also got out of the car to reassure this distressed woman and also promised her that her bag will Insha’Allah come back to her. My daughter broke down in tears when she told me how she had FAITH in Allah & with that FAITH promised this lady that it will come back to her.”

Brave Hero was approached by the lady who had acted quickly to help this distressed woman. He told the woman that during his childhood, his mother’s bag was snatched too so he could relate to how this lady must have felt.

Witness woman took picture of the Hero and spoke to St James Junior School, who invited him to the afternoon assembly tomorrow to honour him for his bravery.