We all saw the video that went viral few months ago showing a woman on a wheelchair ,giving a speech in front of a huge audience,sharing her past and how she got married at a young age,that was arranged by her parents and was against her will,the video touched the hearts of millions but just a few days ago,her ex-husband who she spoke of in the video,wants to sue her for defamation…..

At this moment of time we dont know who is telling the truth,and there is always 2 sides to a story,we will just have to be patient to find out to see the actual truth….

Islamabad – Khurram Shahzad, a former fighter pilot of Pakistan Air Force, has approached a court against his former wife Muniba Mazari— for “blaming and bashing him for all her afflictions”.

Shahzad has filed a suit against Mazari in the court of additional district and sessions judge Muhammad Adnan on account of her libelous statements which are viral on the internet. The plaintiff has submitted that he belongs to a reputable family and he married Mazari on December 26, 2005, according to Muslim ritual.


He said that nowadays, defendant has become a popular artist, and during her media shows on different forums she talked wrongly about him and defamed him on different forums.

Although, she herself asked for Khulla and by saying contradictory words now she has publicly has defamed and degraded the plaintiff.

These contradictory statements are concealing the facts and the misleading public at large and have been very painful for plaintiff as well as his family. He has prayed to the court that a decree for the recovery of damages of Rs1,00,00,000 on account of libelous and baseless statements of the defendant against the plaintiff may be decreed in favour of the plaintiff.