Hero taxi driver saved 13-year-old from paedophile who planned to kidnap her


Satbir Arora who is A taxi driver has been branded a hero after saving a 13-year-old girl from a paedophile who had groomed her online,and had plans to kidnap her,it was the taxi drivers kindness ,and caring attitude that saved this young girl from being exploited.

The young girl had booked his taxi to go from her home in Oxfordshire to Gloucester train station.

Mr Arora tried to ascertain whether the girl’s parents knew where she was, while phoning the man she said she was meeting – making recordings of all of the calls. He called his wife – with whom he runs the husband-and-wife taxi service – and discussed his concerns with her, before passing the phone to the girl.

The girl eventually confided in Mrs Arora that her parents didn’t know where she was.

Mrs Arora then called the police, while Mr Arora alerted a nearby police officer.

It then transpired that the girl had been groomed by 24-year-old Sam Hewings, whom police found had used online chat software to discuss kidnapping, sedating and raping victims.

Mr Arora has now been given an award for his work protecting the girl on February 20 this year, saving her from an ‘unthinkable ordeal’.

‘Satbir Arora was presented with a certificate for outstanding achievement in safeguarding, by Councillor Kieron Mallon, the lead member for public protection.

Hewings was sentenced to a total of five years in prison for attempted abduction, and the distribution and making of indecent images. ‘Online chat logs presented to Gloucester Crown Court revealed Hewings’ paedophilic tendencies and showed he had discussed kidnapping, sedating and raping a victim.

‘When police arrested him at his home they found a rucksack containing knives, duct tape and co-damol tablets.’

Det Con Ian Bennett from Gloucestershire Police added: ‘I cannot praise the taxi driver enough for his actions in this case. He undoubtedly saved harm from coming to the girl, and provided vital evidence for the prosecution.’

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