Halina khan has been jailed for 2 years and 3 months because she falsely accused an innocent police officer of raping her,but in reality she had never met the police officer,The police officer accused of rape was one of the officers involved in a drugs investigation involving her ex-husband,that was her actual reason she made false accusations.

“Khan admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice by making a false rape claim against the detective constable.”

Halina Khan claimed she had been raped by a police officer after making a call to Leicestershire Police at 8am on November 3 last year.

When two constables arrived at the hotel, the defendant struggled to open the door of her room. Staff facilitated access.

She initially contacted police claiming her partner had taken her car without consent from the Regency Hotel in London Road, Stoneygate, in Leicester.

But she was arrested after admitting she was an escort and that ‘a client’ had taken her car.

While being restrained she shouted the false rape allegation and named a detective – who was not present – as having raped her the previous night at the hotel.

After arriving to the police station Halina Khan told the officers: ‘I made it up, there, I made it up.’

However, she would not make a statement or sign an officer’s notebook confirming that her claim was untrue leaving the force no alternative but to investigate the claim.

Officers arrived at the detectives home to inform him of the complaint against him and he attended a police station outside the Leicestershire force area to be interviewed by other officers and to give samples for analysis.

The false accusations caused immense strain in his marriage and he also took off six months from work due to the depression and anxiety caused by it.

In a victim impact statement, the police officer said he was ‘completely shocked’ by the accusations against him, and his ‘world fell apart’.

He said it was ‘touch and go’ at one stage if he would return to work, and it affected his relationship with his employers.

The man added: ‘I can’t explain why it affected me as it did. ‘If I hadn’t been able to prove my innocence, I’d have lost my liberty.’