Most of us probably did not even hear about this,as it did not get the bbc coverage it would have got,if the terrorist was a muslim,please share this news article so everyone can be aware…

Britain first and all other hate groups need to be banned as they are radicalising alot of people…

A Polish Britain first supporter drove his van at a curry house hours after telling police: ‘I’m going to kill a Muslim, I’m doing this for Britain.’

48-year old Marek Zakrocki tried to kill Kamal Ahmed outside Spicy Nights restaurant in harrow north London on the anniversary of the Brexit vote.

CCTV footage shows Zakrocki making a nazi salute and shouting ‘white power’ as he just missed Kamal Ahmed and crashed into the restaurant.

Earlier that day he assaulted his own wife Ewa Zakrocka at their home where he told a police officer “I’m going to kill a Muslim, I’m doing this for Britain”.

‘This is the way I will help the country, you people can’t do anything.’

A Nazi coin and Britain First magazines were found at his home.

He also admitted donating money to the anti-Muslim groups such as Britain First.

Zakrocki was confronted by Taj when he blocked the road outside the restaurant with his van and started abusing a Somalian woman.

Prosecutor Denis Barrie told the Old Bailey: ‘The defendant went into the van. He then started the engine and mounted the pavement, twice making contact with the front of the restaurant. It’s clear he wasn’t driving all that fast.

‘The prosecution case that is supported by everything else Mr Zakrocki had done during the course of the day is that he wasn’t only aiming at the restaurant, he was aiming at Mr Ahmed.’

Mr Barrie said: ‘Because of the time that all this took place, the police took what had happened particularly seriously and there was a hard stop by armed police officers.’

He told the court that Britain First, formed by members of the BNP, was anti-Muslim and held views that were regarded by most people as ‘very extreme indeed’.

Zakrocki, of Harrow, admitted one count of battery against Mrs Zakrocka and one of dangerous driving.

Other charges including attempted murder, which he denied, were earlier dropped. He is due to be sentenced.