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Bravery award for cabbie who helped police tackle violent suspect


A man who rushed from his car to help a police officer overcome a violent suspect has been officially recognised for showing “outstanding bravery”.

Qamar Hussain, from Highfield, Keighley, immediately responded to a call for help from a policewoman struggling to subdue a man in Eagle Street, in the town, last month.

He was able to hold onto the man until police reinforcements arrived a few minutes later, and has now received an official commendation certificate from Bradford police district chief superintendent Scott Bisset.

Looking back on the incident, Mr Hussain, a married 36-year-old cabbie who works for Keighley firm Apple Cars, said: “I didn’t feel nervous, I just knew I needed to give the police woman a hand and it was my duty to help her.”

Mr Hussain said he stumbled upon the struggle by chance one morning last month, when he was driving towards Highfield Lane in his taxi.

He said: “I saw a man going for this police woman, he was being really aggressive.

“She shouted for help and I stopped my taxi and got out.

“The man was young, about 25 to 30, and a bit taller than me. I didn’t know who he was.

“He was trying to get away but I managed to hold him up against a wall while the police woman radioed for help.

“About ten minutes later a lot of police cars turned up and the man was arrested.

“The policewoman was alright, and I wasn’t hurt, but later the police rang me up to say ‘thank you.’

“Then last week I received this award certificate.

“My family and I feel proud, and my wife told me I’d done a good job.

“It was just the right thing to do, and my religion tells us that we should always help other people in the community.”

Mr Hussain’s award citation reads: “In recognition of outstanding bravery in coming to the aid of police officers tackling a violent subject, with no regard for your own personal safety.”

He has also been praised by Keighley central ward councillor Zafar Ali.

Cllr Ali said: “Despite the negative stories in the media it’s not all doom and gloom. This man has been able to give assistance when and where it was most needed.

“It shows there are young people in the community who understand that it’s their moral duty to look after others.

“The message Mr Hussain’s actions sends out is that we should stand up to any harassment or attack, wherever it happens.

“He or the policewoman could have been seriously hurt if that man had a weapon, so I’m very thankful that wasn’t the case.”