Boxer Amir Khan “SLEPT” with Beauty Therapist and “Abused” Her at Airport Hotel


Boxer Amir Khan had sex with a beauty therapist before calling her a ‘daft white s**t’ in a vicious string of messages, she claims. Emily Volkova, 21, of Crawley, West Sussex, says she met up for sex with the former world champion at an airport hotel last month.

Ms Volkova claims she was subject to abuse from the star on Whatsapp. She said: ‘Maybe I got carried away when he said I was the kind of girl he would like to take home with him. ‘But the abuse he gave me when he made it clear the one night we spent together was all it was showed him up for the horrible piece of work he is. ‘Calling me a ‘daft white s***’ and ‘dirt bag’ was really uncalled for.

They allegedly stayed at Heathrow’s Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel before the star caught a plane to Las Vegas where he attended the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Ms Volkova’s claims come just days after Khan announced to his followers on Snapchat that he had filed for a divorce from his wife.