Amir khan responds to haters


Amir khan is often criticized by boxing fans,they call him glass jaw and they mock him for this chin,as in many fights he has been rocked and knocked to the ground by punches,people say he cannot take a punch,but he must be a good boxer if he has only lost a few and won the majority.

Amir khan says in this video” Win or lose you should not criticize any boxers,as they put their life at risk just to entertain you guys and to make a living off it,its easy to say this boxer cant take a punch,but end of the day its not you who is taking the punch in the ring.

Amir khan will be back fighting in march after staying out of the ring for over a year,he recently also spent 3 weeks at a jungle in australia,he was apart of the reality tv show I’m a celebrity get me out of here,he was the 7th person to leave the jungle he did really well.