Amir khan is victorious in second Bushtucker trial


Most of you will have seen amir khan’s attempt on the first Bushtucker trial,when he screamed his way out after he had grabbed a snake which he first thought was just a “rope”,He had failed on the challenge,he gave up cause his fears of snakes was just too much.

He then was voted again to take on the second bushtucker trial and he absolutely smashed it out !,he was victorious,it was close but he managed to pull it off.

He was locked in a large water tank which had numbered sealed boxes running up its sides.

As it filled with water, he had to open each box with a spanner.

Amir was joined in the camp by eels, mud crabs, 200 crayfish and tabbies. He almost fell at the final hurdle when he dropped a key, but was able to dive to the bottom of the tank to pick it up.

Afterwards he said: “I was so focused. I wouldn’t let me team mates down in camp. It was so hard in there honestly. I can go back now and make my camp smile. It makes me very happy today. I’m very proud of myself.”

His completion of the trial meant that he won food for the five campmates who already had a meal ticket, but he bagged one more ticket to take back to camp.

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Amir chose to give the meal ticket to Stanley Johnson.