Amir khan donated money to charity


According to the Sun and Mirror,boxer Amir khan has donated some of the I’m a celebrity fee to a charity called Barnardo’s,Amir khan apparently earned at least £300,000 In this years show, Amir khan was the highest paid contest to ever appear on the show,he even surpassed Katie price.

According to the sun,he donated the money to charity before he entered the jungle.

Barnardo’s chief executive, Javed Khan said: “I am very grateful to Amir Khan for this fantastic gift and his continued support as an ambassador for Barnardo’s, which helps thousands of vulnerable children, young people, carers and parents every year.

“It’s exactly the generosity of people like Amir that make it possible for us to provide our network of vital services across the length and breadth of the UK. We wish Amir well in the jungle and will follow his progress.”

Amir khans jungle journey ended just yesterday he was the fifth person to leave the show,he said he had an amazing experience,and the camp mates were really nice,