14 year old girl beaten for being Muslim by group of girls


Video shows a 14-year old muslim girl getting attacked while at school by other school girls,she was beaten and targeted just because she was muslim,the video has over 20k shares,keep sharing to make awareness…

The father of the girl is just waiting for the response of the police now,as he has reported it…many people around the world will know about this incident as the video is going viral over social media,people are disgusted and are demanding answers!

“- My daughter Manaal munshi(14 years – 9th grade student) was getting bullied by couple of school (West Boca High School, Boca Raton, FL) girls because she was Muslim. Today (DEC 21st) she decided to get this over and talk to girls but beaten badly by gang of girls. She didn’t picked up a hand because don’t want to fight back.
– My wife called police as soon as found out and pressed charges against the girls.
– Let’s see how USA rule of law works!!”

One comment read:

“That’s shameful and totally unaceptable. It is terrible thing to see young women behaving
w such cruelty and beastiality. Like a pack of jackals. And against their own kind another young women. Women should protect and honor one another no matter what race or creed. These children are without honor.
If any one of them were my daughter they would be on restriction for the rest of their h s school years. They would be out only to do community service and go to school. No cell phones at all. No computer unless under strict supervision.”